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How to claim xiaomi service center accreditation, procedures and conditions

How to claim xiaomi service center guarantees, you may be looking for it now.In the past many people are afraid to buy Xiaomi because there are not a number of rumors that claiming ownership for this product is very difficult, although this is an incorrect assumption.

Submitting an endorsement request at the Xiaomi Service Center is not difficult at all, even management can be made quickly. Although cheap at a low price, electronic products made by Xiaomi are very famous for their resilience. Electronic products as if they were not easily damaged.

However, it does not mean that electronic products made by Xiaomi cannot be damaged, as products can still suffer damage caused by factory records or due to other factors. Once you find that the Xiaomi product you bought was damaged, you can make a copyright claim immediately.

How to claim xiaomi service center guarantee is very simple, as long as you comply with the still-present procedures and conditions provided, since each product from Xiaomi has a different warranty period, so make sure you check whether the period is appropriate.Here’s the full information about xiaomi claiming the accreditation claim process.

Xiaomi product mobile phone guarantee

How to claim a guarantee for a mobile phone product, a guaranteed commodity is not only mobile phones, but also hardware, to the recipient. So, you don’t have to worry if the built-in inventory is still damaged before the warranty period expires.

For the phone itself, the warranty period provided is 15 months, with the margin of the guarantee section and the cost of work, while the supporting documents you must bring when making a claim are proof of purchase, including a warranty card. Like the built-in battery, the warranty period is 15 months.

The Xiaomi Service Center’s warranty claim method for charger products and appliances created in the dusbook, the guarantee period provided for 6 months, for the extent of the warranty consists of work costs and spare parts while the supporting documents you must bring are proof of purchase and warranty card.

In addition to mobile phones, tablet products are also guaranteed. For hardware, the guarantee period is 12 months, with the same margin of guarantee, is the cost of work and spare parts. In batteries, batteries and appliances, the warranty period is 6 months, and you must bring supporting documents such as a purchase statement and a guarantee card.

Xiaomi mobile phone products such as Redmi Note 7, have an 18-month warranty period, while for Redmi 8 and 8A, 9A and 9C products, it has a 24-month warranty period. So, if you have this phone product, you will get a long warranty period.

Product cosmetics guaranteed from Xiaomi

In cosmetic products, for example, the Mi Band, the guarantee period that Xiaomi provides is 1 year, with guarantees about work costs and spare parts. In addition, there are other appliance products such as an electricity bank with a 1-year warranty period, a smartphone with a 6-month warranty period, a battery with a 6-month warranty period.

Accessories such as separatepurchased appliances also have a 6-month warranty period, a data transmission line for a 6-month warranty period, a 6-month warranty period, a Xiaomi desk lamp for a 6-month warranty period, and usb Carmaspower appliances also have a 6-month warranty. All of these products have a scope of guarantee work costs and support parts, with support documents for order recording.

Please note, in addition to the xiaomi service center’s claim method , you must also pay attention to the accuracy of the warranty period, the valid ity guarantee period of the consumer receiving the product. Therefore, the warranty period is not calculated from the consumer using the product, but the product is received.

In addition, during the warranty period, if the appliances have been checked by Xiaomi and confirmed, the consumer will later be repaired free of charge and free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about being paid a large fee, as long as it remains in line with applicable rules.

Xiaomi Service Centre claim terms

The method of claiming the Xiaomi Guarantee Service must pay attention to all provisions.The above guarantee clause applies only to the Indonesian border, so the products with international guarantees, the aforementioned regulations do not apply.In addition, when the agency is acquired by the Xiaomi Service Center, xiaomi will carry out the test later.

So, when you hand over a unit, make sure you back up your data and store various types of information in the product. Before doing the repair, you can also contact a service representative from Xiaomi to secure various types of information such as models, serials, and IMEI.

The xiaomi service claim method must be considered because the warranty of this Xiaomi product does not cover cases such as the guarantee seal is lost or removed.Any damagesuch as records, scratch marks, buttons and cameras are not included in product guarantees.The progress of the unitnXiaomi resulting from deliberate dismissal is not included in the warranty.

Password settings or maintenance updates are not included in the warranty. Xiaomi himself later decides whether the product has expired its warranty period, or there is a breach of the warranty, so be sure once again if you have complied with the claims terms correctly and properly.

How to claim xiaomi service center endorsement

After knowing the terms and procedures for use, you can make an immediate guarantee claim. If you want to guarantee your phone, try to back up the file first. After that, you just have to visit the Xiaomi Service Center so you can make a guarantee claim.

If you have any doubts, whether the guarantee claim you will make is approved or not, you can contact the Xiaomi Call Center first. Xiaomi call center at 0800-1-401558, what state you want to guarantee, and whether the damage suffered by the service center.

Xiaomi’s service address is spread across Indonesia, so you don’t have to worry. Don’t forget to bring a sales note to a damaged keyboard or electronic product. Don’t forget to bring a certificate card so that the claims process can be done faster.

After arriving at the Xiaomi Service Center , how to claim the next Xiaomi Service Center  , the authorities will later investigate and damage that, the damage caused can be covered with a guarantee.If your warranty claim is approved, you don’t have to pay the repair fee.Usually the repair period will take 1 to 4 weeks.

If the damage caused to the product is severe and difficult to repair, xiaomi will later replace the unit. As long as the product warranty period remains valid, you will be compensated for free in all of it, but if it is no longer accurate, you will have to pay compensation and repair costs.

Repairing the agency at the official service center is actually easy, because the authorities will serve you well, as long as all the regulations and procedures have been followed in addition to this, after claiming the Xiaomi Service Center guarantee, you also have to be diligent in tracking with the service center, so that the agency can repair quickly.

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