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Entering the smartphone market not long ago, Realme service centers have spread almost all over Indonesia. It was an amazing achievement, considering the formation of his company alone in 2018 in China. The price is cheap but still provides the best performance, making this smartphone quickly get attention.

Mobile phones are electronic objects that have become a necessity for many people. Even when compared to wallets, on the go it will be more worried about the phone falling behind than the wallet itself. With just one hand, you can do a lot of anything.

Even so, damage is naturally inevitable. Moreover, often used every day, problems will arise due to routine use factors. If there is damage, it is indeed worth coming to the official service place. According to many consumers, Realme’s service center  experience in repairing mobile phones, is very good.

Not to mention if the warranty period is still valid, no charges are levied except in repairs requires a new device that must be installed. We will provide information about the advantages of repairing it in the service center and how to take advantage of the warranty in repair.

Troubleshooting That Often Occurs On Realme Phones

Troubleshooting or common problems on this phone is not a thing to worry about, when you have the opportunity to fix it for free through the Realme service center. Smartphones from China that open the market in Indonesia are always a big success because of cheap prices, but the quality is like expensive mobile phones.

If it is said that this phone is durable or not, it can be said to depend on the user itself. There are many causes that make realme brand smartphones can be damaged, either accidentally due to an accident, or mistakes from yourself.

This time, we will explain to you realme users, about some categories of problems that often occur on your Realme phone. What are those?

  1. Problems With Power, Charging and Battery

In this category, problems that often occur can be due to the following:

  1. The phone cannot be turned on
  2. Then suddenly died
  3. The battery is charged very slowly, not even charging.
  4. Very high temperature to feel very hot
  1. Categories of Signal, Network and Call Trouble

Communication is a bit problematic and the internet cannot be connected can be a problem for today, because communication is very important for sudden purposes. Usually, this category of problems, the constraints on:

  1. In the provider name section on the phone disappears because there is no weak service or signal.
  2. When receiving a call, the sound is not so clear.
  3. Internet data is slow or even not connected.
  1. Categories Wifi, Bluetooth and Apps

This is most common and often happens. Many of Realme users directly contact realme service center for consultation if the problem is:

  1. The phone’s reaction is very slow
  2. Can’t connect to wifi or bluetooth even other devices
  3. The camera crashes and cannot be opened
  4. The application suddenly stopped
  5. And notifications from the app are not acceptable

Realme Service Center Contacts That Can Be Contacted

Actually, for the various troubleshootes above can be handled quickly if you yourself do not panic. The first handling for these various problems can be directly checked to the official website, and then to the Problem Solving page.

Later, choose the category of obstacles that you experience, immediately clicked and later the solution immediately appears. However, if the problem becomes more serious, for example, on mobile phone hardware, please contact the call center directly for consultation first.

If you go to the Realme service center website, you will immediately find some interactive contacts that will help you, namely:

  1. Email

For those of you who feel the obstacles faced lightly but you just want to make sure the details, directly send a complaint via email on

  1. Phone in Business Hours

You can also ask something important about the phone and want a quick answer, can be by phone (021)2235 6666 in operating hours Monday-Sunday, 09.00-18.00 WIB.

  1. Live Chat Di Website

You can also directly chat online on the website, on Monday-Friday at 09.00-18.00 and Saturday at 08.00-17.00. Sundays and holidays, cannot be served.

Why Should ke Service Center Realme umake Repairs?

Apart from the call center that we have mentioned above, finding a Realme product service center in your city is also quite easy. The official website willgive you instructions.  On the start page of the, you will find the searched service center column with 2 boxes in the provincial and city categories.

Just choose, where the province and city you live in. Later, the website will bring up the address of the official service place. Why go to the official service, can’t android phones be repaired on ordinary coun? Do not look at the eyes of the Realme service center, because the advantages are:

  1. When contacting the service, it will be processed immediately with the best service.
  2. It has been spread in Indonesia, so there is no need to go all the way out of the city.
  3. If the nearest service place is still far away from where you live, just send it to the mobile phone. Take it easy, it is very safe and the payment can later cod.
  4. Repaired by experts so that the damage can be overcome properly until it returns to function as before.
  5. If you still hold a warranty card, you will not be charged a repair fee, as long as you can meet the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Warranty Card Usage Instructions for to Realme Service Center

In the fifth point, indeed the service can be said at no cost when you still hold a warranty card. It’s just that there are terms and conditions that must be followed if you want to receive the warranty.

Many realme users do not know how to take advantage of a warranty card because they think it is complicated and requires a lot of time in its application. As a result, perform service to the origin of the place.

If you use a warranty, if there are damaged components, they will definitely be replaced with new, not used. In addition, after the spare parts are replaced, it is still given a warranty period equal to the validity period of the phone warranty, which is 90 days.

Before you apply for a repair with a warranty, you should know that each component of your phone, adapter, and battery has a different validity period. If you already know its enforceability, the terms and conditions for utilizing the warranty are as follows:

  1. It is expected to bring proof of copy of the purchase of the mobile phone at that time.
  2. The IMEI serial number on the warranty card must not be torn, or later it does not apply.
  3. Realme service center will not receive warranty repairs when the phone enters liquid, damp or even gets modifications outside the service center.
  4. If you buy Realme abroad, you also cannot receive services from service centers in Indonesia.
  5. Realme will also not receive repairs with a warranty when damaged due to daily use or carelessness itself.

Make sure that your phone will be repaired and want to get a guarantee that is still valid, ask the customer service first about these obstacles.  If it is qualified, you can go directly to the  closest Realme service center to get the next handling.

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