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The number of products that have been issued, making Panasonic service centers also spread in many regions in Indonesia. It is impossible for the company to only have one service center, because its products have been distributed in almost every corner of the country. Meanwhile, Panasonic’s own corporate center is in Sakura country, Japan.

It is no stranger that most technological goods here rely on production from the country of the rising sun. In addition to good quality and durable in the long term, the price can be said to be economical so that for the lower middle class people, can afford the product.

Engaged in electronics, it has been decades of serving its consumers either in household needs or public needs. In fact, the company was engaged in the electricity industry in 1918. Increasingly developed, electronics became the center of his concentration until now. Even Panasonic Indonesia Service Center is countless.

If you have a product from this brand, anticipating damage, it’s good to know how to contact the service place. Some can be contacted online, interactively or offline. The details of the information will be explained below.

Get to Know The Various Categories of Panasonic Electronic Products

This company has been established since a century ago, there are already many products that have been created by this Japanese company. Indonesia even used to have suggestions that the electronic devices they use are not from Panasonic, it must be damaged quickly.

Targeting the market in household technology, it certainly provides interest for the wider community. Because the goal is to make everyday life easier. As well as bringing society into the era of a fast-paced and sophisticated future.

Damage will certainly occur, although there have been many who review Panasonic is good. But it doesn’t matter, as long as the Panasonic service center in your city is already there, everything is easy. Not to mention, remote consultation via online or interactive phone, can be well served.

Age is already 1 century, what are panasonic electronics that have been created for the benefit of modern people today?

  1. Beauty

Although centered on electronic objects, we have several product categories that are specifically targeted at a group of people. For example, in the beauty category, we created a Hair Dryer and also the best quality hair straightener.

  1. Household Electronics

Above we have explained that the main center is indeed on household electronics, so it is not wrong that there are many productions here, namely:

  • Blender
  • AND
  • TV
  • Vacumm Cleaner
  • Water pump
  • And there are many others.
  1. Communication

We also penetrate the world of communication so that you all stay connected with loved ones, using our preferred products, namely there are ordinary mobile phones, smartphones, desktops and laptops.

  1. Camera

Enjoy a fun trip, will be more exposed if you save it on a quality camera. Panasonic has several types, and can be selected according to your wishes.

  1. Audio

The speakers of this company are very good. The sound that comes out is so clear, making you even more excited in listening to music.

Know Some Causes of Damage to Some Electronic Devices

The explanation above, may immediately make you quite amazed that there are so many products that come from this Japanese company. Not only diligently producing, quality is also maintained. Just look, it has been decades in Indonesia, it is still a favorite of the public even though many technology brands have sprung up.

Having the number one quality, damage is inevitable and later you will face it. Fortunately, Panasonic’s service centers are spread throughout the region. Do not carelessly bring it to the origin of the serviceman because it could be, the original inner machine, replaced to a fake.

Going to the service place originally also does not guarantee that it will really come back either, because the experts are inexperienced. So that the handling of damaged electronic devices can be done, try to identify some of the causes, to then consult at panasonic service centers :

  1. Damage can occur because the electrical voltage generated from the object does not match the electrical capacity in the house. The electrical voltage is not so stable, making damage can occur.
  2. Electronic goods can be damaged quickly if in using them is not in accordance with the rules. For example, using air conditioning at your own disposal. It’s on, turned off. Not long ago, it was directly restarted and it was done for a long time.
  3. Laying is also not appropriate. It was also capable of inflicting even more severe damage.
  4. And it can also be damaged because it is never cleaned until it is rarely used so that the performance is not good anymore.
  5. Then, damage also occurs when you accidentally press a certain button to cause an accidental system error.

Contact Panasonic Service Center di Hours Following

When your Panasonic TV screen already has stripes, the sound does not come out or even often suddenly turns off, do not wait until it is completely damaged. Because when the TV cannot be restarted aka completely dead, the service cost is quite expensive.

If there is still a warranty, it is indeed a good idea to take advantage of it by visiting the nearest service center. In small towns even now it is already there, so take it easy.

However, if you don’t know the closest service place, you can contact the call center first. Later from contacting them, CS will designate several Panasonic service center addresses in your city.

So that your report can be processed quickly, contact the call center on the following work schedule:

  1. If you are in the Head Office area, you can just come in the day and office working hours as usual.
  2. However, for customers remotely, when they want to contact CS by phone and fax, it can be on Monday-Friday at 08.30-17.00 WIB. Here is the active number that can be contacted:
  • Phone: 08041111111
  • Fax : (+6221) 8015715
  1. Meanwhile, customers want to contact from WA and Email, so that they can be replied directly on Monday-Friday at 08.00-21.00 WIB. Then Saturday-Sunday 09.00-18.00. This is a contact that can be contacted:
  • WA : 08111660770
  • Email :

Immediately Find Panasonic Service Center di Kotamu In a Precarious Situation

It’s time to eliminate excess worry when your favorite electronics are damaged. There are many ways that can be taken to be able to fix it for free by utilizing the warranty. The solution, of course, is to visit the service center.

There is no need to come to Jakarta far away, because service centers have spread a lot in Indonesia, including your city. After consulting with the call center may not be able to help, immediately come to the nearest Panasonic service center only.

The method is also quite easy. We provide two options for you, with steps such as the following:

  1. Official Website

Please enter the Then you can click on the purchase location page, and it also shows where the official service place is in your city.

  1. Google

Through Google is also very easy, just enter related keywords, later the results will come out even the location map will be shown.

Having electronic products from this one brand will never be disappointed, as long as you buy it at an official distributor with original goods. Any problems or require instructions for use, Panasonic service centers are ready to help customers’ constraints.

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