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Information about BCA credit cards before making a choice

Getting  information about BCA credit  cards is very important for customers to consider. Using the card is due to many attractive offers It is very easy for immediate transactions like this one now, and this service is deliberately provided for the needs of customers for targeting.

Of course, as a large bank in Indonesia, there are many customers from a wide range of communities, which is burdened with a variety of circumstances and restrictions It is an incentive to provide a wide range of service options, and we  should know more about making the right choice before making the decision to use this service.

Collect as much information about BCA credit cards as possible in order to determine what is required according  to the offer from the bank. To save more time, check how to make the CC (Credit Card) online, as well as the various possible benefits because you have more confidence to use it.

Examples of CC (Credit Card) categories provided by bank bank BCA

Do you know that each category offered has different limitations and that sometimes the benefits are different? You can first understand the benefits of making the most of the usage benefits, and you will not make the wrong choices, and you can best enjoy the benefits.

  1. BCA-Everday Card

Information about the first category of BCA credit card offers a range of interesting features.

  1. The amount is only 0.5% for the cardholder
  2. 5% financial promo for every fuel purchase, especially items that are not supplied
  3. 5% Hypermarket and the Kashbach Promo for every shopping spree like this.
  4. BCA-Card Platinum

This second card gives you an automatic credit facility to make the payment process easier and safer. Get free administrative fees with special rules and conditions, and you’re interested in getting this kind of CC, so the salary is at least Rp. You can apply for 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,months/ months.

  1. BCA-Mastercard Platinum

Bca Mastercard actually has the BCA Mastercard Platinum, There are three categories: BCA Mastercard Black and BCA Mastercard Matahari. There is still an offer of an interest rate of 0.75% for an installed period of up to 36  months.

  1. BCA-Mastercd Blalack

Before you can use this type of CC, you have to understand the information about BCA credit cards. Holiday enthusiasts or BCA Travel in work cases Customers get the best convenience of the service without Docus and hotel health fees  for travel documents.

  1. BCA-Visa Platinum

This CC (Credit Card) card is deliberately provided for customers with high mobility, particularly on a daily basis  their  users. There are still hundreds of sponsored and various offers, as well as various specially designed offers, and when you run a business without fear of being limitless by using this type  He is calm and calm.

The benefits of using the Bank BCA Credit Card

Finding information  about BCA credit  cards is just as important as knowing the overall benefits. All of its categories offer attractive and beneficial benefits for customers to use. See the benefits offered to consider using this one immediately.

  1. Travelling abroad is more relaxed

Customer comfort, especially on business and holidays, is due to a decrease in exchange rates, such as providing services for CC (credit card) use abroad Like providing more freedom: You can also use the BCA Tour facility, and be very ready to help a variety of cases from any trouble-free tickets, passports  The Bible says: “He that

  1. Very extensive network

We have an extremely comprehensive network, which is certainly an advantage in providing easy transactions, with over 1200 branches and 65,000 traders throughout Indonesia. You will feel the convenience of the CRedit Card functions, because they can be used easily and quickly everywhere.

  1. Insurance services guaranteed

There is also an insurance service for customers using this service, according to information about BCA credit cards.CC Cardholders with a value according to the card type Accident warrants immediate insurance: Accident prevention as well as treatment costs while in hospital with a very light cost burden Insurance products like these.

  1. Free payments

The system for payment is also very different, giving customers more flexibility.Payments are made on M-BCA, ATM, ClickBCA You can even pay the automobile-davis, because the payments keep you calm and don’t be afraid whenever you make a deal using the CC (Credit Card).

How to make the Bank BCA Credit Card (CC) online

Information on BCA  credit cards, particularly the identification process, both personal and online. Please take the time to visit the branch office and reach the nearest branch office, but if you don’t have much time, you can apply online by following the guide below.

  1. Complete the necessary conditions

Every customer who wants to do so must first complete the requirements; you must look for situations by asking for customer service or other sources; even the online manufacturing process must also complete predetermined requirements such as KTP, NPWP, and others.

  1. Fill in the online application form

The next step is to fill out the online application form by filling out the e-form on the official website.Go to ClickBCA’s official website and go to The Reserve Search the amendment for making cards (CCs). Fill in your information as fully as possible, and don’t forget to check so there is no slight error.

  1. Wait for confirmation from the BCA

If you notice at the bottom of the form there is a sign of permission from the BCA to contact you, so you only need to wait for confirmation during the next process. Follow the process because it will not last long and be complicated if the requirements are actually met according to the bank’s provisions.

If you have trouble applying for a credit card, use calling center services (CC)

The amount of information  about BCA credit cards still experiences  a  problem  at times and still has difficulty processing it.When presented, you will find trouble We can contact the BCA call center, and we truly appreciate comments, suggestions, comments and complaints from customers to improve the quality of service.

If you would welcome further information or would like to have someone call to conduct a free Bible study with you, please fill in the accompanying coupon and mail it to the address provided or to an appropriate address listed on page 5 of this magazine. Through WA 1500888, you can also provide services on number 081 115 015 998.

If you want to send a message via email, you  can go directly to the halobca@bca.co.id address. there is also an @HaloBCA official social media presence on Twitter, which is always updated about a range of facts. Whatever method is used, you must do your best to respond and assist in the credit card application process and assist as much as possible in the process of applying for a credit card so that there is no problem.

CRedit Card is often used to provide needs in everyday life and in the business world. Offer services and provide many conveniences. Zoom in on information about BCA credit cards before maximum use  .

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