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Manfaat Call Center ACC , not only  ufor Complaints

The benefits of the  ACC Call Center will be obtained by users  .     Problems often arise with the help of debt or loan organisations  , and if they are not paid attention immediately , there will be misconceptions   . Well , this misunderstanding  can  eventually  be another problem  for you .

Of course  ,  don’t you want to create debts to finance heavy goods with the ACC while  not paying attention immediately ?   For a variety of problems or  obstacles , there are different ways that  can be used . One of them  is  by contacting a part of the  ACC call centre .

The  ACC Call Centre has many benefits that you will get and the most notable is to help you get problems during the financial process .        There  are a few problems  that   acc service users often submit applications for credit release to extend the debt oven even further   to  shed light on loans .

To contact the call centre , this can be done easily  . The  reason is that the ACC presents its number  where it is contacted by its customers or users .   You  can immediately complain about the  relevant  number  and submit a complaint or complaint correctly and in detail  .

In this way , the  Leaching Party can provide the  best  solution  for you .   Don’t forget to present  some important documents you need  .  Before   you know how to contact and    what the benefits of the  ACC call center are , you should also know what the company ‘s history is like in one opinion , just go ahead  and see the description below .


As  mentioned earlier , you  will actually  get a lot of benefits from the ACC call centre .   The ACC  or Astera Credit companies are  from the financial institution of  cars and heavy equipment  . The financial company has   already had a good reputation by the wider community and has more than 90 partner  sellers .

Under  The OJK (  Financial Services Administration ) Regulations 29/POJK.05/2014  , the Company performs business needs in the areas of financial , multi-purpose and operating leases , both using   contractual and Sharia projects  .   Both  have  their own interests  .

Previously   , the  ACC came from PT Sadaya Financial , which was established on July 15, 1982, in the name of PT Raja Sedia  . This establishment  is  useful for supporting  the  Astera Group ‘s car  business  .   Only in 1990  did PT Rogerja Sadaya change his name to PT Australia Sadaya Financial .

The benefits of the ACC Call Centre provided by the company  include the purchase of new and used vehicles , particularly for Astra-produced vehicles such as the Tokyo Isuz  U  , Daihatsu , PIO BMW .   As a  result  ,  the  company is working in Indonesia to support the financing process for more than 1,600 vehicle transactions  .

Some of the companies  that work as ACC communities include Astra Sadaya Financial , PT Sadidarma Bahki Sadaya Financial , PTAstra Eight Finance , PTStoCo Sadaya Financial and PT Sadaya Financial  .   So far , the  company continues to develop a variety of services and facilities offered  .    In  addition ,  it continues to maintain the reputation  they  have .

Full information  from the ACCIAng Contact Center

The   presence of call centre services from the ACC is actually a means for customers and companies to get information easily and practically .   In addition ,  the ACC Call Center has many benefits   that  will be obtained  by users  .  Especially  during cooperation for  a variety of problems and complaints  .

For   those you want to contact part of the company ‘s call centre  , you can call  021-766-9000  directly  for customers in the Karta area  .   In the meantime , if you  are  out of the card   , you can call 1500-599 directly  .   This  number  can be  contacted using all radio operator  .

Meanwhile , for customers who want to contact the head office directly , they can call  (021) 7885-9000 directly . Where  the  ACC Chief ‘s Office is located .    The name TB Simatapang is  occupied on May 90.   In submitting these complaints and  suggestions , this should be done in a clear and detailed manner so that the company can understand more about this  .

Customers can  wait  nearly  20  days  to get a response .  Calculate  the time period from   the complete documents obtained  . If it appears that you are  not receiving a response to the complaint process , then the only way to get it by contacting OJIK  can be 1500655 by number . This  is the best way  to submit complaints  .

Benefits of ACC call  centres

You  don’t already know  about complaining through  the ACC  company  . Well , it turns out that  the ACC Call Centre has many benefits to  be identified .   See review below for more details

  1. complain quickly

As mentioned earlier  , the presence of a call centre is indeed the most appropriate place to make complaints , such as problems during the credit process .   By quickly reporting , this will solve your problems quickly  .   You can use one  of the above  numbers  directly .

  1. Get  information about products

Another benefit of the ACC              call centre   is that you can get information about products from the company concerned  . Astra credit companies     themselves have several products such as car finance with      heavy late .

  1. as a way of advising

The presence  of the call centre  can  also be the best place to offer advice to the company  .   It   is  undeniable  that if  the Services of The Leaking  Company are sometimes unsatisfactory , you can immediately advise them so that they can do more well  .

  1. Contact the  company

The benefit of the ACC ‘  s  call centre is that it connects customers   with the  ACC company  .   Not  only that ,  their presence is also very important because  they can manage a variety of customer problems  .

 Benefits of  buying a car  with the  ACC

There are different benefits  derived from buying a car with the ACC  as follows :

  1. Have the best service to your customers

Using  the ACC  will also benefit its employees   .  Such as the presence of a good service  that has used the  concept of operation selection to protect customers ‘ satisfaction .

  1. Has a wide range of complete  product characteristics

Astra Credit companies also have a variety of product specifications that are  complete .  In  addition  , it has cooperated with  several car dealers in  Indonesia .  Application  requirements  for  credit can also be easily fulfilled .

  1. Proper pyrodonic access

Finally , you  will also be served in the form of customer access , which is very easy to access .   There are many choices to  remain  connected  , such as through call centres or social media  .

Assistance to  financial institutions  has not actually escaped a variety of problems .    To do this , customer service   can be the best solution .   The ACC Call Center  has  many benefits  that you   can get  .

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