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Popular and delicious West Javan Sumble Sumble blockbuster paper

Even in many places , the methods for various methods are quite popular for Sambal Khas Jawabarat . Each meal adds a tasty taste Because it can be filled, there are many specialized skills using regular chili sauce from every region, and Sambal is also a distinctive feature of the Indonesian state.

Rich in spices offers many ideas for using Indonesia as a specialty from each region. It is also an important addition to almost everyone, and Sambal’s connoisseurs are quite large and extensive.

Thus, some say that if you eat without chili sauce, you will feel less tasty— there is an area called West Java on Java, which has a considerable number of symbols. It’s quite unique and leaves a particular impression for its  winners, so west Java sarin’s various sambal methods have been sought.

West Java has a relatively delicious and well-known food for its perfume. When eaten only in white rice because of low temperatures, dried-salted fish and chili sauce consider the residents of the area to be very happy.

Dadak Chili Sauce fresh due to orange

The first method for a variety of West Javanchilli sauce is the Sambal Duck, which is quite popular because it means being renewed. The unique feature is not only by name but also by the taste, and this chili sauce is often eaten in food stores, so it is often eaten in restaurants so people can enjoy it.

The practicality of Symbaldack does not upset the vendors, meaning that this chili sauce will be made immediately when someone places orders. so Chili The sauce is also made by mixing lemo orange pieces to keep this chili sauce fresh.

While you can enjoy any food, this chili sauce is enjoyed mostly with dried chicken or freshly cooked saltfish, which you can do because it’s quite easy in the recipe below.

The necessary components are 3 white rice, red pepper, and kayakipa, which can increase the amount of fragrance. There are about 30 grams of tea salt, brown sugar, 1 piece of tomatoes, orange juice, or orange juice.

How to choose how to choose all the ingredients, such as brown sugar and salt, then feel smoothly, with red pills and a red pill For a variety of  West Javanchilli sauce, the last resort is to add only lemo orange or water.

When you eat this sample, you will immediately become addicted and want to continue eating—with a small amount of flavor and fresh orange The flavor will make an impression on its cleverness, especially if they revel in cold weather conditions.

Samba Sica Village

Next, the price of chili sauce also tastes little and tastes, since the products used are quite different and they vary from place to place. While an Indonesian spice is relatively unhelpful for most vegetables, it is known to have a distinctive taste for vegetables.

In fact, many say that the west Java region usually uses these spices. The recipe for various varieties of cavanchili sauce has very strong spices, and they usually want to tempt people and eat them straight away.

Cancer has its distinctive smelter and it is the key ingredient of the usual Sundan Chilean sauce recipe.Many like this unique chilli sauce remain impressive The ingredients used to make this chili sauce price are also relatively simple in terms of your taste and vegetable level and taste, namely Kenny Pepper.

2 Tasty, 1 clovin, key components include 1 portion, 1/2 teaspoons, 1/2 tea spoon, 1/2 tea spoon, 1 To taste lime 1/2, salt and sugar, the main ingredients are just a bit, but they taste relatively strong when eaten.

Here’s how to do it for West Javanchilisa :

  1. Wash all the ingredients one by one.
  2. By erasing all the pure ingredients, but for tomatoes and pepper paints, let the spice eventually grind to make it more appealing.
  3. Fresh after desired level of fine

Green Sambal Tempts Sambal Cibiuk

Sambal is described  as a very pleasant delicacy when eating, so  another recipe for a variety of West Javanchilli sauces is also spicy. In it, the chili sauce is in contrast to the two types of chili sauce above, because the dchilesov is green and green called the CBUkchilisosis.

Like the Dark Chilean sauce on top of drying, the CBOOK sauce is also defined as chili sauce. Although the chili sauce is easily found in the city, it is green and different from other chili sauces, but the materials used are very different.

The tool used is mere intestines and can be enjoyed by many foods as a supplier from dried chicken, dried fish to dried fish. Many people eat only white rice and chilean sauce, and below is a recipe for a variety of West Javenes Chilean sauce.

This time, the components used can mix a lot of green pepper or green Kayanipipa or mix two. Other components include 2 green tomatoes, 2 white dates, 1 handful of kimanggi leaves, 1 cm, 1 cm, 1 cm, 1 cm, salt and sugar.

The step of doing this is the same as the most mixed chile sauces until all of the above are made. It adjusts the needs and flavors of each person, but it does not have to be too smooth for the basics and tomatoes, so it is kept for longer.

When you eat at the store, there may not be many stores that supply a more popular variety of Chilean dishes than that, so the ingredients used to make it are readily available. As a result, you can try to make your own  recipes for a variety of West Javanchilli vegetables, which are delicious, delicious and fresh .

So far, Sambal has begun entering other countries because the delicious taste of the Chilean sauce is not really the second time In fact, many people are crazy about the chili sauce, which makes food more delicious with chili sauce, and they  can make  recipes for a variety of West Javanchilli sauce.

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