Also try the complaint service via e-mail : CROXYPROXY

Use Akulaku  Call Center on Whatsapp forCustomer Complaints

Akulaku, which is a financial services provider platform where the quality is global, will certainly provide an Akulaku  call center  that customers can turn to when they have problems or want to file various complaints. The goal is that Akulaku can always connect correctly and also transparently with its customers.

Akulaku opens up the opportunity for you to do online shopping activities using credit services. In fact, you can also shop with installments and provide cash loans that are very flexible. Thus, the presence of Akulaku here really tends to facilitate the lives of its customers when making various transactions.

Some of the facilities provided by Akulaku include the purchase  of credit, then the purchase  of internet quotas and data packages, the payment of BPJS, PDAM and also PLN accounts, and even the purchase of airline tickets. All payment activities and purchases can be done on credit, you can even make loans.

Unfortunately, in the service from Akulak, of course, not all customers are satisfied. For this reason, Akulaku  provides various channels of  the Akulaku call center  , so that customers can freely contact their side at any time. Here are some ways customers can file complaints and questions through the call center.

Submit your complaint  through customer service

One of the channels  you can  contact to  submit questions or get information is to contact Akulaku’s customer service. You can access this CS service indefinitely  , which is for 24 hours. Not only that, but it is also possible to get free calls.

To contact Akulaku employees  using this method, you can contact through the Akulaku call center   at 1500920. Through this number, you can submit various questions and complaints about installments and credit  in Akulak.  You can also transfer various other obstacles.

The method of filing complaints and questions from customers is considered more effective through this call center. Because in addition to the service that runs for 24 hours, through this CS you will also directly connect with Akulak  employees  who are competent and have the knowledge to help you solve your problems  quickly  .

While it’s not as simple as live chat, this Akulaku call center  can provide customers with direct answers clearly and directly so that customers don’t have to be confused to get solutions to every obstacle they face. Customers are free to ask unrestricted questions as long as they comply with the complaints procedure.

Also try the complaint service via e-mail

In addition to the fact that you can file complaints or questions about Akulak  through the  call center, you can also do so through other platforms or media. One of the media commonly used to file complaints is Akulaku’s official email. Here you  can easily express what you  want to express.

The email address you are going to  is This one method has always been the most widespread method of communication. Just create an email as usual with the subject line “Complaints” or “Questions about…” and start filling the body of the email with the thing you want to hand over to Akulak.

Unfortunately, this channel has drawbacks if you want to use it as a medium for filing complaints or asking questions. Unlike   the Akulak call center,  which tends to respond quickly,  it  will take a long time to get answers from Akulak staff or employees.

This is because email is not a medium that opens constantly compared to a call center, so there is a possibility that it will take a long time. Even if you have received a reply, the staff  will usually direct you to the  CS section or other social media to get a faster response.

Whatsapp As Media Complaints yang Easy dan Simple

In addition to the Akulaku call center  and  email,  there is another medium that is much simpler and easier to use for asking questions and distributing complaints ,  namely WhatsApp. As a very popular messaging medium, WhatsApp is definitely the best friend for almost everyone in the world to exchange messages and information.

That is why Akulaku also takes advantage of the popularity of these media to connect with its customers more flexibly and freely. Even if you use WhatsApp media,  the  messages you send  are not fully answered by the  Akulak chatbot. Using this method, you can still get in direct contact with employees from Akulak.

Just like using  the Akulaku call center, you can freely  express various questions and also your complaints through WhatsApp through this live chat.  You just need to send a chat with what you want to express clearly. Be sure to include evidence that the complaint should be processed immediately.

When making complaints, use clear, short, easy-to-understand language and do not use poorly understood language. Clear language will make it easier for Akulaku employees  to understand the problems they face and immediately find the solution you need. Be patient and wait for a response from the Akulaku staff.

The WhatsApp connection number that can be contacted is listed at 081113508161. To get an answer from Akulaku, you need to be patient, because it takes a while. Make sure you ask questions in a language that is easy for employees to understand.

Come directly to Akulaku’s office andgar brighter

The last option that can be  done if  you have a lot of important questions or complaints that you want to raise is to go directly to the Akulak office. Using  the Akulaku call center or WhatsApp is free, but it takes time to get an answer and solve various problems.

If you want a quick and clear answer, you can come directly to the office and talk to the officer there. Unfortunately, this may sound a little annoying. A visit to the Akulaku office  can only be done for customers who live in the Jabodetabek area, since the distance is still affordable.

Unlike customers whose residences are far from the region, this will certainly be difficult. Not to mention that the required costs are higher. For this reason, it is recommended that customers use the media provided by Akulaku  earlier to facilitate the submission of your questions, complaints and problems.

You can also use the Help Center found in the Akulaku app. Here you can provide any feedback you want. The first step to take is to download   the Akulaku app to  your phone and then log in to the app. Find the feedback icon and you can share feedback.

It is quite easy to contact Akulaka, even if he did not go directly to the Akulaku office. Along with the development of technology, everything can be done online or by phone. While there are currently no more diverse channels than WhatsApp, Akulaku can still meet the needs of customers who need solutions.

To contact Akulaka,  you just need to decide whether to use the call center, via live chat on WhatsApp or via a message sent by official email. You can try all the methods depending on your own convenience, including the Akulaku call center, which is quite effective.

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