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Launch of Sandisk Information Service Center in Indonesia

Are you looking for information on how to start a Sandisk service center in Indonesia ? As one of the manufacturers that produces storage devices such as flash memory, USB flash disk, memory card, etc., the name Sandisk is familiar to our ears.

This American company is even known as one of the best brands that has spread to more than 100 countries. Especially with the relatively affordable price of products in the pockets of Indonesian people, it is not surprising that Sandisk has received many positive reviews from users.

Sandisk service center is provided in order to provide the best service to consumers when they encounter problems with a product, are looking for consultation or other interests. In Indonesia itself, there are several cities where  Sandisk service centers are already available, including Jakarta, Yogyakarta and other major cities.

You can go to the service center if you have problems  using Sandisk perangkat or just try to consult about certain products. Just check out the list of addresses of sandisk service centers in Indonesia that you should be aware of  .

Sandisk company and products overview

Before discussing more about the location of the Sandisk service center, we will conduct a small review of this brand. Sandisk is not a company from Indonesia, but in America, which has been developed since 1988 by Sanjay Mehrotra, Eli Harari and Jack Yuan.

As one of the tough competitors of Samsung Evos, Sandisk has released some of its key products, such as Micro SD, flash discs, digital audio players, and memory cards. This company has reportedly already managed to market their products to more than 250 retail miles around the world, and the number of employees has reached 4,600 employees.

The idea of the first owner of sandisk was to create more mobile data storage media with great potential. At first, they focused on digital cameras to not only rely on their internal memory, but also to use external memory. Unfortunately, there is no official information about when Sandisk first appeared on the Indonesian electronics market.

It’s just that at this time the popularity of Sandisk can be brought into line with the Samsung brand that was originally present. Even despite the appearance of other brands, Sandisk is still a brown prima among users.

Launch of the list of Sandisk service centers in Indonesia

A service center is a service provided by sellers to receive and manage complaints about the company’s products or other consumer needs. Through the service center, consumers can easily find out, receive repair services, updates, product consultations, etc.

Although not an Indonesian company, Sandisk has also provided service centers in several major Indonesian cities. Below is the launch of the Sandisk service center in Indonesia, which   you need to  note:

  1. Datascrip Depo Yogyakarta (Sandisk)

-Seoladh: Jl. Imogiri Tim. No.132, Giwangan, Dúiche Umbulharjo, Cathair Yogyakarta

-Phone: +62 274 287 2714

  1. Datascrip (Huawei and SanDisk)

-Seoladh: Ruko Mangga Dua B9-10 60243, Jl. Jagir Wonokromo No.98, Jagir, Wonokromo, Surabaya

-Phone: +62 821 4059 6688

  1. Datascrip Szervizközpont Bekasi

– Seoladh: Cearnóg Suncity, Ruko Komplexum, Jl. Méara Madmuin Hasibuan No.30, Marga Jaya, Dél-Bekasi

– Phone: +62 21 8886 3605

  1. Datascrip Service Center Bandung

-Seoladh: Cearnóg Hyper Paskal, Jl. Pasir Kaliki No.25-27, Kb. Jeruk, Andir, Bandung

-Phone: +62 22 8780 3933

  1. Datascrip Szervizközpont Madiun

-Seoladh: Jl. S. Parman No.38F, Oro-oro Ombo, Kartoharjo, Madiun Jatim

Currently, the location of the Sandisk service center is still limited. However, it does not close that this seller is trying to provide a more complete service center in Indonesia.   You don’t have to worry, because in addition to directly visiting the service center’s website, you can also consult with Sandisk customer service through the phone number listed above.

Launch of Sandisk office in Indonesia

In addition to providing a service center, Sandisk also has its headquarters in Indonesia. The address of the head office of Sandisk is as follows:

  1. SanDisk customer service Indonesia

-Seoladh: Regus Standard Chartered 30/F Jl. An tOllamh Dr. Satrio Kav. 164 Iacárta

-Phone: +62 212 555 5600

  1. Sandisk Office Indonesia

-Regus Standard Chartered 30/F Jl. An tOllamh Dr. Satrio Kav. 164, Iacárta

-Phone: +62 212-555-5600

So far, Sandisk is known for its Micro SD products, whose resources range from 32 GB, 64 GB to 128 GB at an affordable price. One of the features that makes this product better is that its reading speed is up to 95 MB per second. In addition, Sandisk has also released a pendrive, the capacity of which starts from 16 GB.

For those who need more information about Sandisk products or run into problems, you can go directly to the Sandisk service center at  the address listed above  . If not, you can first contact customer service through the contact.

Sandisk Indonesia Service Center szolgáltatások

As the name implies, sandisk service center is designed to provide repair and consulting services to Sandisk customers in Indonesia. As for specifications,  you can get some services at the following Sandisk service center:

  1. Product information

You can not only  visit or visit the service center for a repair handle, but  also find information about the products released by Sandisk. For example, if you want to know the difference between Sandisk Ultra and Extreme, it seems that many consumers still do not understand.

  1. Real or fake Sandisk information

Through the service center, you can find information about both real and fake products. Currently, there are really a lot of fake products circulating that are sold at very low prices. But it turns out that the ORI product is not fake under any other name.

Although  you can really distinguish  ori or fake products from their appearance. Such as the presence of a hologram or not on the packaging, the shape of the microSD and other data.   You can also check such information through Google to find out the difference between a real and fake Sandisk.

  1. Warranty claims

If you buy Sandisk products from official stores, then you will definitely get a guarantee. For example, a product that cannot be properly operated after purchase may require a guarantee to replace a new product. However,  you can check it  directly at the Sandisk service center for the rules for  a warranty claim.

But note that the purchase of Sandisk, which comes from an unofficial store and does not receive a warranty card, you definitely cannot claim this feature. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to buy any product through its official distributor.

  1. Repair

Some products, such as flash drives that cannot be blamed, cannot be formatted, or  other problems    can be checked at the Sandisk service center. Like its function, the service center will help in case of problems for any consumer.

Perhaps this is all that can be said about the Sandisk service centers in Indonesia, which have completed their addresses. You  can check  more detailed or other information about  the  sandisk service center  through the official website.

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